Community Hub & Youth Clubhouse

What is this new space?

The Thorndale Community Hub & Youth Clubhouse was envisioned by youth living in and around Thorndale to be a place where youth can gather, meet new friends, engage in social activities, and learn new skills.  There are currently limited opportunities for youth, and considering the growth of the village we feel that it is important to give these younger residents opportunities and encourage their involvement in fostering a strong vibrant community. Additionally, we recognize that residents of all ages can benefit from opportunities to connect, share ideas and learn from each other and that is why this space is relevant and timely.

Location: 160 King Street, 2nd floor

As of Friday, July 16, 2021 the space is OPEN for use!

How to Register For a Mandatory BGC/Thorndale Youth Clubhouse Membership

Youth who would like to attend must sign up for a membership with the BGC. A yearly membership costs $50/child, a one-time drop in costs $3. All proceeds from the memberships go back into the clubhouse. Please go to the link below.

Link to BGC Membership

*IMPORTANT: Currently, BGC is offering a FREE trial membership; however, it is only valid until November 30th, 2021. When this expires, and you wish to continue to utilize the Clubhouse and other programs offered in Thorndale, you MUST switch to a paid membership. You will be prompted to choose to be a visitor or a member. Please see the difference in the infographic below. ALL Thorndale residents who are trial members will receive an email with instructions on how to proceed.*

In order to access the Clubhouse and BGC youth programs, youth must become either a visitor or a member.  The infographic below describes the main differences.  Please note that we anticipate adding more programs and events throughout the year, and membership discounts will be applied to the registration fees if not free for members. All money that is collected by BGC London will be used to bring more programs and services to Thorndale.
Members or Visitor Difference
Contact [email protected] if you have any questions or need help setting up with the membership.

Booking Information

The space is available for drop-in (see calendar). Members will be FREE, and nonmembers must pay a $3 drop-in fee each time they choose to attend the Youth Clubhouse.
If you wish to rent the space (e.g. for a birthday party), a fee of $50 for two hours applies.

If you have a program or social opportunity for this space (ie. guitar lessons, billiards club), please contact us at [email protected] to discuss.

Thank you to our Sponsors!