What is ILT?

About I Love Thorndale (ILT)

Established in 2012, I Love Thorndale (ILT) has been a driving force in fostering collaboration and communication within the beloved Thorndale community. Its mission has always been clear: to bring residents, service groups, clubs, and businesses together under the same banner of community pride.

Our Evolution

ILT has grown into an integral part of the I Love Community not-for-profit organization. The primary goal of ILT is to create awareness about the wealth of existing clubs, groups, local businesses, and resources in Thorndale. It emphasizes the value of supporting local enterprises and the positive impact of service clubs and groups. The overarching aim is to recruit new members, ensuring these vital elements continue to thrive and contribute to the community in myriad ways.

A Hub for Communication

Through its website, complete with a custom local business directory at www.ilovethorndale.ca, ILT has emerged as the central hub for providing relevant communication within the village.

Gratitude and Transition

The ILT directors extend their heartfelt gratitude for the unwavering support received over more than a decade. The financial contributions and the dedication of a handful of volunteers have enabled the organization to host numerous community events. These gatherings have not only strengthened community spirit but also provided valuable exposure to local businesses and offering many opportunities for youth, often in collaboration with the Boys and Girls Club.

In September 2023, recognizing the challenges of limited manpower and volunteers, ILT made a strategic decision to delegate the organization of most events to other businesses and service organizations that have been steadfast partners. While ILT will continue to offer support, these organizations will take the lead in organizing the cherished local events.

Unwavering Mission

ILT remains committed to its mission: to serve as a hub that unites local service clubs, residents, and businesses, creating a vibrant environment for the entire Thorndale community. The organization is thrilled to introduce website updates, courtesy of JWA Group, and looks forward to intensifying efforts to promote business partners through enhanced marketing initiatives.

Meet the Directors

Arden McClean: The visionary founder of 'I Love Community' and a cherished long-time resident of Thorndale, stands as a dedicated advocate for our local youth, continually bringing innovative ideas to nurture Thorndale's sense of community and provide invaluable support to our younger generation

Amy Morley: A dedicated local business owner who has proudly called Thorndale her home since 2015, is wholeheartedly committed to nurturing a mutually beneficial bond between our community and local businesses.

Nancy Abra: A cherished long-time resident of the Thorndale area and a dedicated business owner, is not only an enthusiastic gardener but also an actively connected  in numerous local service clubs and organizations. Her unwavering commitment to giving back to the community is evident in all that she does.

Thank you for being a part of I Love Thorndale's journey as we continue to strengthen our community bonds and promote the essence of Thorndale that we hold so dear.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to [email protected].  We would love to hear from you!

New ideas and new members are always welcome!

Communicate. Collaborate. Engage. Inspire!

Don't you just LOVE Thorndale?