Mental Health

Fundraisers in Thorndale

In memory of Tristan Goris, two mental health fundraisers are being held in September in Thorndale. The TG7 Run for Mental Health by Lee & Melissa Chilvers and the Hike For Happiness by Rav & Beth of Wye Creek. Both are raising funds for Family Services Thames Valley. They will be providing therapy services in Thorndale and will charge based on ability pay.

Rav's long term goal is to have a location in Thorndale where multiple practitioners would provide services based on ones ability to pay. To this end, Hike For Happiness is forming a charity and would welcome committee members for treasurer and an assistant plus anyone who wants to help. Contact Rav at (519) 697-0796. This year Hike For Happiness marks crossing $100,000 of funds raised.
The first TG7 Run for Mental Health is on Saturday, September 12th; Details here here.
The Hike for Happiness is being held on Sunday, September 20th.; Details here.
Therapy services and participation details will change as required to stay safe and abide by local restrictions.

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