Business Directory Subscriptions

Interested in being listed on our business directory?

Listing in the I Love Thorndale Business Directory is possible through an annual subscription fee.
Two very affordable packages are available, plus addition options for added promotion and sponsorship, if interested.
Our directory is volunteer run (as is our entire not-for-profit organization "I Love Community") which means all monies earned through the directory goes back to the community.
In addition to promoting your business, we strive to create a connected community that values the resources in it.

As our directory is I Love Thorndale, we value developing reciprocal relationships with businesses in our community. We want our residents and fellow businesses to know what's at their fingertips and not experience competition from neighbouring businesses. If your business is outside of our geographical boundaries (West Nissouri Township*) and is NOT in competition with existing businesses featured on our directory, you are eligible for inclusion.  We thank everyone for their understanding.

*West Nissouri Township boundaries - To the north, Hwy 7, to the east, Cherry Hill Road, to the south, Hwy 2, to the west, Prospect Hill

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