Franklyn’s Paw Spa Recommended Products

Hey guys! To those of you who joined in on the Zoom Local Skills Academy Episode 1, here are some links for the products I mentioned during the meeting.
* Please note there are many different types of products other than the ones I’ve listed below, what I’ve listed are just ones I personally would suggest. Use what works for YOU and feels good in your hands.
* You can also buy these products from other places (Amazon, other pet stores). I just posted links to the businesses I usually buy from.
➡️ “Quicker Slicker” leave in conditioner. Please use this to help reduce static and help detangle your pets fur.
➡️ Shampoo and Conditioner (message me if you’d like to know which one would work for your pet)
➡️ For most coat types
➡️Line brush as I showed in the video, part the hair so you can see the skin and gently line brush to make sure everywhere is tangle free.
➡️ To check your work while brushing.
➡️ There are small and large ones.
➡️ Just in case you get a nail too short.
➡️ To safely break through Matt’s so you dont have to use scissors.
? Please remember!
➡️Every tool can be dangerous to use if not used correctly. Feel free to reach out to me if you’d like any help with at home pet maintenance. Safety is the upmost importance so please do not continue what you are doing if your dog is stressed.
➡️Deep breath, stay calm and keep the vibes in your grooming environment relaxed and quiet.
➡️ Breaks and a positive experience is the goal.
➡️ Cookies are also key ?