Becky Clark – BODi Partner

Hi! My name is Becky and I am your neighbour and a BODi Partner!

What is BODi?
BODi (formerly known as Team Beachbody) is an online platform for all things wellness including (but not limited to):
* a digital library of 100s of exercise programs led by inspiring trainers. The programs range from pre-natal, to yoga, to highly intense cardio and weight-training programs (and everything in between),
* nutrition programs and recipes created by experts that focus on teaching you sustainable healthy eating,
* access to online accountability groups through your partner (that's me!),
* an app and website that allows you stream and to track your workouts, nutrition and stay connected with members in your wellness community
* access to wellness products, such as shakes crammed with superfoods, pre-and-post workout fuel, and more,
* an affordable annual membership to an ever-evolving wellness resource!

BODi allows you to develop a sustainable health and fitness routine that suits your schedule and needs. You can roll out of bed in the morning and push play on an exercise program before heading off to all your other demands such as family and work - or, whatever time works for you.

About Me
I grew up in a small town and learned at a young age that if you want to make something happen, you have to roll up your sleeves and take action. I have always been creating opportunities for people to be connected with members of their community through recreation. Since moving to Thorndale in 2012, I have continued to do the same. I helped build the I Love Thorndale not-for-profit group and took action to create opportunities for residents to be connected through recreation. From bringing a bootcamp trainer to Thorndale
, to community events such as, the annual Winter Carnival, or summer events like The Back Forty Bash. Throughout the pandemic, and as my career responsibilities increased, I have spent time re-prioritizing my own health and wellness to allow me to manage stress and be present with my family. 

I love chocolate, Settlers of Catan, bonfires, sports, tinkering with woodworking projects, but can't stay awake for more than 22 minutes of any tv show or movie.

I have been a BODi member since 2019. I love the digital library of home workout programs. I pick and choose which programs and trainers I enjoy, and after much effort, I have developed a pretty consistent exercise routine. My biggest obstacle is nutrition though. So, one of my goals as a partner is to make my nutrition a priority and I look forward to my teammates helping to keep me accountable to that goal.

Why Did I Choose to Become a Partner (formerly known as 'coach')?
If you know me well, you're probably thinking 'seriously Becky, as if you need another responsibility!?' It's true. I have a lot of commitments. I work full-time outside of the house in a fairly demanding role, am married and a mom to two kids. We run to hockey, soccer, and music lessons. We make time for family and friends around the pool and bonfire, and as time and energy permits, I continue to volunteer to support the important community-building work of I Love Thorndale. I run a women's pick-up hockey league each winter as well. I love to be active.

So - I'm "doing" BODi anyway, so why not share this resource with others? 

How will I support you as your Partner?
I look forward to showing you all that BODi has to offer. I'll invite you into our accountability group, which is where the real magic happens. Together, we'll dive into the resources that are tried and true using the online platform. With ever-evolving products and programs, that you can take with you wherever and whenever, I have no doubt that there's something you'll really dive into.  You can choose to start "one day" or make today your "day one!"

How to Enroll
Please contact me to register for your annual enrollment at [email protected] or by sending me a message through social media.

*not intended to solicit other BODi customers who are already working with a partner.

How can I Become a Partner?
If you would like to inspire others through the BODi business, contact me to learn more about partner opportunities.


Private Address
Thorndale, Ontario
N0M 2P0

I see friends and family struggling to prioritize themselves; continually giving so much of themselves to others, so I want to share the simplicity of this program with them. Take 30(ish) minutes for yourself each day. Get your body moving. Fuel it with good food. Flip your mindset. That investment in yourself will prove to be worth it -for yourself, your family and your career. Simply, BODi is so easy to use, I can't imagine why I wouldn't share it with others.

Becky Clark

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