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REPRESENTING BUYERS & SELLERS FOR 25 YEARS – Our mission at Thorndale Homes is very simple; to achieve the best price and terms for each and every one of our Buyer and Seller clients. On top of this mission, we are constantly Striving to be your Obvious Choice by offering outstanding communication, honest and clear advice and unmatched Professional Services.
In addition to its extensive knowledge about Thorndale and the surrounding area and its unique Real Estate market, Thorndale Homes maintains a genuine passion for Thames Centre that is second to none. Couple this with their upfront-ness, their experience and their reputation inside the industry, these are just a few of the reasons Thorndale Homes has helped well over 1,ooo clients buy and sell Real Estate in the Greater London area.

With experience in organized real estate for 25 years, Thorndale Homes can provide you with important insights so that when you are ready to buy or sell in Thames Centre, you can make an informed decision. Thorndale Homes has always been and continues to be committed to helping buyers and sellers of Real Estate make sound decisions.

By personally simply reaching out to other Thorndale business owners thus far, we have already seen and more importantly, felt a sense of community. We look forward to growing that as we move forward within ILT.

Shawn Westerik

4 Hueston Drive
Thorndale, Ontario

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