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Christmas Shopping Days this year are:

Sat. December 2nd 10 am - 5 pm
Sun. December 3rd 11 am - 5pm
Sat. December 9th 10 am - 5 pm
Sun. December 10th 11 am - 5pm

See you then!

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Ziraldo Alpacas is pleased to be celebrating 10 years in business December 2016!

What made you decide to raise alpacas?

Debbie and Carlo Ziraldo moved to their 10 acre farm on Fairview Rd. 31 years ago. They raised Standard Bred Horses for many years and then transitioned into alpacas 10 years ago.

Debbie was interested in these unique fibre bearing animals that were smaller and easier to care for than horses. She was already a weaver, spinner and knitter and was aware of the luxurious fibre that the alpacas produced.

Raising alpacas proved to be an enjoyable family activity. Debbie and her sons Chris and Colin participated in several Alpaca Ontario Halter Show competitions with their animals.

When do you shear the alpacas and what do you do with their fibre?

The alpacas are shorn each spring, around the end of May, by a professional shearer. The fibre is the harvest and after sorting it, Debbie sends it off to various Canadian mills to have it made into yarn, roving, socks and insoles. Hand knit accessories are knit by Debbie and other local knitters.

Where can people see and buy the alpaca products?

Debbie attends several off farm events, especially in the fall, such as our local “Better than the Mall” event in Thorndale on Nov. 12th. (see website for events)

The farm store is open by appointment all year.

The popular Ziraldo Alpacas Christmas Shopping Days provide shoppers with the opportunity to purchase locally grown alpaca products that are unique, warm and durable.

Another popular product available at Ziraldo Alpacas are their Wool Dryer Balls.


These dryer balls are made of 100% Canadian Wool and are an eco-friendly, natural alternative to using fabric softener and dryer sheets. They soften your clothing and decrease drying time. Debbie has sold hundreds of these balls over the past 5 years to very satisfied customers.

To celebrate our 10 years in business, Ziraldo Alpacas is offering you a chance to win a super cute alpaca toy, 16” x 16.5”. You may enter the draw each time you visit us at an event or make a purchase. The draw will take place at 5 pm on December 11, 2016.