June Featured Businesses

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95 Gerald Parkway,
Thorndale, Ontario
Website,  Facebook & Instagram
Email: mclarke@rootpro.ca

About Root Pro

Manufacturing and selling an exclusive line of fabric vertical gardens, to bring your fences and walls to life.
Contact Matt to find out how Thorndale residents can save 15% off of their vertical gardens!
Watch our video to learn more about Root Pro, how it began and why supporting I Love Thorndale is a great fit!

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20422 Nissouri Rd.
Thorndale, Ontario
Visit Heeman's online 
As well as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & Youtube!

About Heeman's

You might have heard that the best garden centre in London isn't actually 'in' London; it's right here in Thorndale! Heeman's, the family owned business sharing the family name, is more than just an awesome place to get homegrown flowers at a great price.
Learn more about Heeman's through this great video we have produced!

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5127 Dundas St. E.,
Thorndale, Ontario

About Creative License Design Studio

Tia has created all the promotional material for the Thorndale 160 event, from the logo to all the posters and advertising. We truly value Tia's professional support for this big event! 
She can design and print anything from flyers, posters, banners, business cards, brochures, baby announcements, birthday cards, thank you cards, buck and doe tickets, raffle tickets, wedding invites and more.