Heemans May 2017 Business Page

You might have heard that the best garden centre in London isn't actually 'in' London; it's right here in Thorndale! Heeman's, the family owned business sharing the family name, is more than just an awesome place to get homegrown flowers at a great price.

Their team of Daymakers are eager to help and have the knowledge to answer your questions on everything from picking the right new shrub, to how to start your veggie garden, or point you in the direction of their yummy sundae and coffee bar, the Berry Beanery.

Yup, you heard right, Heeman's also serves up espresso drinks, plus strawberry sundaes and shortcakes! No wonder everyone these is always smiling. May is the time to get gardening, so head out to Heeman's and see for yourself why they're a local favourite!