What is Next for Thorndale?

This is where you fit in!!

We need your help to let us know what you want to see in Thorndale as we move into the future. Here are a few ideas that have come up at an I Love Thorndale meeting!

  • Welcome Package for new "Thorndalians" - WE DID THIS! and created "Welcome Mobs"
  • Celebrate rural roots
  • Getting kids more involved in the community - Things like the youth movie project, summer camps, and more...
  • Family drop-in centre -OUR WHEELS ARE TURNING ON THIS ONE...
  • Evening sports & recreational activities for kids - Check out our updated sports page. We've joined forces with the Boys' & Girls' Club of London to add some programming in Thorndale!
  • Summer jobs for youth - we accomplished this is 2017, with the B&G Club's 1st summer camp in Thorndale!
  • Educate new families on our history - check this youth made video out
  • Recruit new members for service groups - WE ARE TRYING!
  • Up to date website - YOU'RE HERE!
  • A Local Business Directory - Launched May 2015!

Much more has been accomplished since this first meeting. We have surveyed the community's recreational interests and needs and have been working on creating programs to meet some of these needs. We have hosted a successful Easter Fun Run, Winter Carnivals and can't wait for more events to share with you.

Dreaming Big...

NEW! A chance to pitch your big idea

We know you have ideas too! Be sure to share your hopes and dreams and let us know how you would like to help contribute. 

We all know you are here because you want to make a Thorndale a better place to live! Whether you are growing up here, just starting out, raising a family, working, retiring... we all want the best for everyone in our community! What do YOU want to see in our community? Are there any changes you would like to make? What do you LOVE about our town? If you were mayor for the day, what would you do? We LOVE to hear from everyone! Join us for our next meeting, send a facebook message, email (info@ilovethorndale.ca) or use the "Contact Us" page!), tweet us (@ILoveThorndale) or stop us on the street.

We are committed to helping everyone make Thorndale the best it can be!


As a community, we accomplished this... we can do it again with more ideas!

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