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Residents can talk for hours about why their town is so great. Here’s why!

As we move into the future, what direction is our community going towards? We ask the questions like, what do you want to see in Thorndale in 1, 2, 5, 10 years and more importantly, how are you going to help us get there?

Calling all 2014 babies!

Looking for Kindergarten registration? See the info from West Nissouri Public School! 

Home Alone & Babysitting Training

Click on the appropriate sign up sheet below to register your child for the upcoming Home Alone Course (Ages 8-11) or Babysitters Training (Ages 10-14) facilitated by Veri SAFE Education

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World of Dance Registration Ages 4-6

World of Dance ($50/child) Introduction to different genres of Dance Wednesdays January 10-March 14th 6-6:45 (10 spaces for children ages 4-6) Location: West Nissouri Public School Program offered by the Boys & Girls Club of London Once registered, you must make payment by contacting the Boys & Girls Club (519-434-9114) and paying with credit card. If you cannot pay by credit card, contact Arden at to arrange for payment.

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What Available Spots
Age 4-6 #1: Lyla G.
Age 4-6 #1: Georgia C.
Age 4-6 #1: Nellie W.
Age 4-6 #1: Mataya T.
Age 4-6 #1: Victoria V.
Age 4-6 #1: Madeline M.
Age 4-6 #1: Milly L.
Age 4-6 #1: Charlotte E.
Age 4-6 #1: Ivy T.
Age 4-6 #1: Danica M.

Thorndale Safety Meeting

I Love Thorndale, at times tries to advocate for our community's needs, particularly as residents reach out to us with feedback or in concern. We connect in constructive ways with those in positions to take our community's concerns, suggestions and feedback with the hopes that they can help our community implement change and develop our neighbourhoods safely.

Here are the notes from the October safety meeting. Please note it has not been extensively proofread, but it is complete 🙂 Please forward any concerns to the appropriate levels ie. OPP, Provincial, County, or Municipal government/council.

Thorndale Safety Meeting Presentation 2017

2016  safety-meeting-minutes