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Residents can talk for hours about why their town is so great. Here’s why!

As we move into the future, what direction is our community going towards? We ask the questions like, what do you want to see in Thorndale in 1, 2, 5, 10 years and more importantly, how are you going to help us get there?

Thorndale Safety Survey 2017

I Love Thorndale, at times tries to advocate for our community's needs, particularly as residents reach out to us with feedback or in concern. We connect in constructive ways with those in positions to take our community's concerns, suggestions and feedback with the hopes that they can help our community implement change and develop our neighbourhoods safely. We'd like your feedback on how you feel about "safety" in the community.  Please mark your calendars to attend the 2nd annual safety meeting on Monday, Nov 13, 7pm at the Thorndale Library

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Fall Photo Sessions by Melissa Gourlay

Date: September 30, 2017

Rain date is Oct 1 (same time that you booked for Sept 30) $60 per session with a portion of the fees being donated to I Love Thorndale. Location: Goris Electric-Rentals' beautiful property. Couples, families, with pets - whatever your preference is. If booking extended family (ie. cousins, grandparents), please book 2 sessions. Fee includes approximately 10 edited digital photos by local photographer.

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What Available Spots
4:00 PM #1: Rebecca H.
4:20 PM #1: Tara S.
4:40 PM #1: Susan K.
5:00 PM #1: Terrilyn C.
5:20 PM #1: Tammy G.
5:40 PM #1: Kyle S.
6:00 PM #1: Amy M.
6:20 PM #1: Beth G.